The Ahnvee Senior Experience

From day one of my photography business journey, I decided that I would specialize in Senior Photography and provide an exceptional and enjoyable experience for graduates. Just as the senior year of high school or college is a unique, fun, and memorable experience, I believe that the senior photography session should be too! The Why Let’s rewind to 2006 Tiffany. I was so busy with my senior year, the yearbook, and extracurriculars that when it came time to book my senior photos, I left that up to my mom. She chose a studio based on recommendations of other mothers – a VERY well known and frequently used photography studio. This being my first experience in front of a professional camera, I had absolutely no idea how to prepare or what to expect. Cue the anxiety. Not only was I extremely nervous and awkward, I showed up in a neon pink sweater. The staff was not warm or personable; I felt like I was a burden and was rushed the entire time. I won’t get into all of the details, but the whole experience was a nightmare and left me with a bad taste in my mouth about professional photography. You […]

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Meet the Photographer
February 26, 2020 by Tiffany Lemoine in Creative 0 Comments

About Tiffany – The brains behind Ahnvee Creative (& the Camera) I’ve been putting off the dreaded “About Me” part of any creative’s website structure for quite some time now. Truth is, I hate talking about myself – mostly because I think no one actually cares. So I’ll try to make this as fun an interesting as possible! First fun fact: back in the days of Myspace I was that girl that loved reading/completing those random surveys. (Yes, I’m that old.) To this day, I ask my clients and potential employees to complete surveys and questionnaires to get to know them! So I thought, why not do the same for me? Are you ready to get to know the brains behind Ahnvee Photography? Buckle up; here we go!   What’s your spirit animal?  I want to say Pam from “The Office“, but a.) some of you may not get that reference (you’re missing out by the way) and b.) that’s not completely fair because, well, she’s not an animal. If I must choose an animal it would be a water animal because water is where I feel most relaxed and at peace. I took 3 quizzes I found online and […]

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Benefits of a Post-Wedding Portrait Session

Post-wedding portrait sessions are becoming increasingly more popular - and for very good reason! These portrait sessions are similar to engagement sessions, but you have your wedding day attire on (or something similar). These can be booked anywhere from the day after the wedding, to your 1 year wedding anniversary! There are so many reasons why these sessions absolutely rock. We're officially obsessed and here's why: You can get tons of wall-worthy wedding portraits and still be able to spend your wedding day with family & friends Your wedding day's timeline of events did not allow for portraits Your photographer has more time to be creative and artistic You have more options to shoot in better lighting (hello golden hour and sunset) You have the option of shooting in unique locations instead of being tied down to your wedding venue You don't have to worry about mother nature ruining the photos (no rain, sweating, or freezing) More relaxed setting = better photos full of emotion

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Boudoir Outfit Guide

One of the first questions we get when women book their Boudoir session is, “What should I wear?” When people think of Boudoir photography they automatically think, “lingerie”. While lingerie is a popular option, it is certainly not the only option. For my Boudoir shoot, I wore a pretty bra and panties with a lacy robe as well as a pair of cheeky panties with an off the shoulder cropped sweater and knee highs. You do not have to wear all the fancy, expensive, or strappy things! With any photography session, you want to stay away from whites, brights, and lights. Whites make most subjects look washed out, and always seem to pick up and absorb other colors around it. It’s very difficult to get a “true white” in a photograph. Brights are picked up more neon in camera, and it also transfers onto skin in a photograph, so staying away is your best option. While light colors are good for enhancing and accentuating areas, they will often times make subjects appear bigger than they are. Dark colors help to conceal areas, and neutrals are always a good option, especially with boudoir photography.  The most important part, however, is how […]

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Benefits of Having a 2nd Shooter/ Assistant

For many clients on a tight budget or those looking to allocate expenses elsewhere, the “cost” assumption is further expanded upon with the idea that a 2nd shooter or assistant is unnecessary.  While employing additional personnel may appear to add to the bottom line of your session, the presence of said personnel enables us to deliver so much more while retaining competitive pricing. If you’ve ever witnessed or participated in a photography session, or even taken a glimpse inside a photography studio, you may have noticed a lot more equipment than merely a photographer and his/her camera.  The equipment needed to adequately capture your priceless moments while adhering to Ahnvee’s strict quality standards will vary depending on your venue to the time of day, your clothing and/ or prop choices and everything in between.  Given the fact that photographers are expected to capture every detail, especially concerning wedding sessions (whose venues are VERY often dimly-lit), it is downright impossible to setup and relocate lighting, or utilize reflectors and diffusers (no, not the air fresheners 😁) without potentially missing a priceless moment.  And believe it or not, every moment of your event is incredibly important to us, priceless and otherwise!  Employing […]

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Seniors of 2018

I had the pleasure of shooting 27 seniors this past season, and each and every one of them brought something unique to their session.  My goal is always to showcase the personality and talents of each individual client, and this year’s seniors had no shortage of either!  We’ve put together a slideshow of some of the best photos from each senior session this past year.  Our intent with this video is to wish a stylish, personalized congratulations to the grads, as well as shout a big ‘THANK YOU’ to each of you who trusted me with capturing this exciting moment in your life! Just a bit more about each of the talented young men & women showcased in the video above: AINSLEY is a music lover who enjoyed participating in 4-H while in high school.  She plans to attend either ULL or McNeese to study Education, and dreams of someday being an English teacher in Africa. ALAYNA is an avid lover of makeup and shopping.  She plans to attend Louisiana Tech to study Speech Pathology, and dreams of balancing her career as a Speech Therapist with having a family. ASHA enjoys cooking, working out, shopping and sewing.  She majored in […]

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