Boudoir Q&A – Ahnvee Photography

Ahnvee Photography receives several questions on a daily basis regarding our services, but the service we receive the most questions about are boudoir sessions. Back in December, Tiffany took some time to answer the most frequently asked questions when it comes to boudoir photography. The interview was conducted by Sarah Branton in a private Facebook Live video which we will unfortunately be unable to share. However, we have transcribed the most important questions and answers here for all potential boudoir clients to reference when booking a session. Will you share my boudoir images online? First and foremost, this session is for you. A lot of people get it done for their significant others and give them as gifts but you will learn within the first thirty minutes that this whole experience is for you. You’re going to gain confidence; you’re going to feel empowered and look at yourself in a better light. That being said, you don’t have to share any of your images with the world. If you feel that you want to speak about your experience and how it changed you, how it gave you the confidence to show off how beautiful your body is and how sexy […]

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