Benefits of Having a 2nd Shooter/Assistant

For many clients on a tight budget or those looking to allocate expenses elsewhere, the “cost” assumption is further expanded upon with the idea that a 2nd shooter or assistant is unnecessary.  While employing additional personnel may appear to add to the bottom line of your session, the presence of said personnel enables us to deliver so much more while retaining competitive pricing.

If you’ve ever witnessed or participated in a photography session, or even taken a glimpse inside a photography studio, you may have noticed a lot more equipment than merely a photographer and his/her camera.  The equipment needed to adequately capture your priceless moments while adhering to Ahnvee’s strict quality standards will vary depending on your venue to the time of day, your clothing and/ or prop choices and everything in between.  Given the fact that photographers are expected to capture every detail, especially concerning wedding sessions (whose venues are VERY often dimly-lit), it is downright impossible to setup and relocate lighting, or utilize reflectors and diffusers (no, not the air fresheners 😁) without potentially missing a priceless moment.  And believe it or not, every moment of your event is incredibly important to us, priceless and otherwise!  Employing assistance is just one of the many ways that we show our dedication to delivering the very best.  As such, the division of the workload is not only infinitely invaluable, but absolutely necessary!

As the title indicates, having a 2nd shooter enables us to have roughly DOUBLE the amount of images to work with.  It allows us to capture moments occurring simultaneously, that even you may have missed.  It also means that many of your most cherished moments will be shot from a variety of angles.  I think its safe to say that we’re all aware of how a certain angle or certain lighting can be flattering or unflattering, photographically speaking.  The addition of this variety increases the number of final photos that capture every detail in a way that you are proud and excited to hang over your fireplace or send to your loved ones.

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I know that personally, the comfort of that 2nd experienced set of hands allows me to fully engage with this passion of mine!  I’m confidently able to bring to your images the creativity and artistry that uphold the unique brand that I’ve worked so hard to build!  The 2nd pair of eyes is also incredibly helpful with fixing stray hairs, threads or any landscape obstacles in your images.  And lest we forget, photographers need a potty break at times.  A 2nd shooter/ assistant allows me to take 5 without the risk of missing anything, because it would be just as devastating to me as it would you!

I sincerely hope that this bit of insight into my world has helped you in whatever stage of planning or education you’re in.  Its ultimately my goal for you to have an adequate understanding of any areas of concern or uncertainty.  Meeting and exceeding this goal makes for happy clients who trust in my skills and experience…at which point we can get on with making magic together!

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