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Boudoir Q&A - Ahnvee Photography

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Ahnvee Photography receives several questions on a daily basis regarding our services, but the service we receive the most questions about are boudoir sessions. Back in December, Tiffany took some time to answer the most frequently asked questions when it comes to boudoir photography. We have answered the most important questions and answers here for all potential boudoir clients to reference when booking a session.

Will you share my boudoir images online?

First and foremost, this session is for you. A lot of people get it done for their significant others and give them as gifts but you will learn within the first thirty minutes that this whole experience is for you. You’re going to gain confidence; you’re going to feel empowered and look at yourself in a better light.

That being said, you don’t have to share any of your images with the world. If you feel that you want to speak about your experience and how it changed you, how it gave you the confidence to show off how beautiful your body is and how sexy you can be in your own skin, then you absolutely can. I do not share anything publicly because I would probably have people reporting or flagging the photos for nudity on social media. I do have a secret boudoir group but I have never shared a picture in there; my clients have shared their own pictures. It is completely up to you if you want to share your images or not, but I keep it very secretive and private.

What if I have acne, cellulite, scars, or stretch marks during my boudoir session? Will there be retouching?

The whole experience starts from the time you book. We talk about what to wear to hide certain parts of your body and what poses we’re going to do to hide certain parts of your body if you want to conceal anything. We talk about all of that so you and I are both prepared and can go straight into the amazing stuff.

As far as blemishes, acne, cellulite, and stretch marks go…all of that is retouched. You obviously won’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model because I don’t want to change your appearance completely. It starts with posing and what you wear and lighting as well. Just like when you contour your face, you’re darkening the things you want to conceal and highlighting the parts that you want to accentuate, we can accomplish that with lighting.

Will I still look beautiful in my boudoir photos even if I’m not a size 2?

Absolutely! If you have seen images from my past boudoir sessions, you have noticed that many of my clients are not a size 2 and they are rocking it! Those are clients that have come to me and said to share their images with the world because they feel and look amazing in those photos.

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What are your credentials?

I am classically trained. I was taught on an SLR camera which was not digital so I had to know my settings and know how to manually focus. It was a one-time thing since it’s a film camera; there was no looking at the back of the camera and saying, “No, that doesn’t look good. Let me change my settings.” I had to know it or the image wasn’t going to come out. I am trained on Photoshop and use it exclusively and have been doing so for almost fourteen years. I have also been in business for six years and was voted one of the top twenty photographers in the world!

Can I schedule a boudoir session while pregnant?

Yes! I actually liked my body the best when I was pregnant. Something about the fact that I was carrying a child and my body was going through all of these amazing changes made me feel the sexiest I’ve ever been, honestly. My biggest regret was not getting maternity photos and not doing a boudoir session during my pregnancy. If you’re thinking about getting a maternity session, definitely consider doing a boudoir one.

Do I have to be naked for my boudoir session?

No, absolutely not, you can be fully clothed. I’ve had girls that have covered themselves completely. The best thing you can wear is your confidence; seeing that confidence in a photo is undeniable. We will work together to find out what works best for you and your body. We will gage your comfort level during the session.

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Can I bring a friend to my boudoir shoot?

I’ve had clients that bring friends and some that don’t. That being said, the clients that came without a friend went much smoother because they didn’t feel pressured and were not distracted. Your friend may have already seen you naked but you’re more vulnerable in front of a camera. You’re more vulnerable getting into certain poses and trying to feel sexy. It’s easier to feel sexy by yourself.

How much time will I have available for my boudoir photo shoot?

If you are booking a boudoir session during a marathon, you will have forty-five minutes. During those forty-five minutes, we can spend the first fifteen minutes talking about outfits or poses or use the entire forty-five minutes to shoot. It is completely up to you. The forty-five minutes gives us enough time to shoot in two outfits. During a private shoot, you will have an unlimited amount of time.

What should I wear for my boudoir session?

If you are looking for outfits or lingerie for your boudoir photos, we have compiled a Boudoir Outfit Guide with several affordable options from Amazon. Most of these options are Prime eligible which means they will arrive in only two days.

If you are on a budget and don’t want to buy anything then don’t. Bring your prettiest bra and panties. I have robes, body suits, corsets, vests and a black lace maxi dress available for clients to shoot in as well. There are also stockings, socks and accessories available. We have an open closet that you are welcome to go through before your session. It is unnecessary to spend money on outfits if you don’t want to.

Don’t feel like you have to wear lingerie for a boudoir photo shoot. Lingerie isn’t always very comfortable and I am all about comfort so I don’t actually wear lingerie. When I did my own boudoir session, I wore what my husband sees me in most of the time which is usually some cheeky panties (he loves my butt!) and this really sexy off-the-shoulder sweater. I also took some nude and some others with a wet white tank top (so the nipples would show) and panties. I’ve even had a bride ask to take a picture in nothing but her veil. You really don’t have to get fancy with it. We can get creative with shadows, sheets, bath tubs and more.

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Where can I print my boudoir photos?

I actually want you to print through me and it isn’t because I make any money off of it (because I don’t make a cent from it). You are charged exactly what it costs me. I don’t want you to spend this much money on a session and then get terrible prints. There’s a lot of quality that goes into my pictures so my equipment is top-notch. I have about $15,000 in equipment (cameras, lenses, and lighting). It defeats the whole purpose to get a quality image and then print it at Walgreens, for example. To read more about this and see our images vs. other print labs, check out our blog post on comparing print labs. I offer prints of all sizes and album options as well.

Is there anything I should avoid wearing to my boudoir session?

Avoid colors that are light, bright or white. White picks up every other color that’s around it so that means a longer editing time to remove the colors it picks up to make it a true white. Brights show up way more neon than they should. The color also reflects and transfers onto skin so I may have to remove that bright pink or lime green color from your skin. Light colors like baby pink and lilac will make you look bigger, while black is slimming. Unless you want to enhance your size, don’t wear light colors. Neutral colors and dark colors work best.


How do you choose the six best digital images from my boudoir session? Why don’t I get to choose the images myself?

The first image is one that I feel is 100% perfect as far as lighting, composition and posing goes. It is an image I would want in my photography portfolio, so the bar is set very high. I choose images where you look your best and the lighting is perfect. These are the images that require the least amount of editing and I work my way down from there. You can purchase more than six images. They are $20 per image after the six that are included.

Boudoir is the only service where I will not allow the client to choose their photos and there is one very good reason for that. The first thing a client will notice is a flaw and I don’t want them to be distracted by that one thing that can be adjusted in Photoshop. I put myself in your shoes when I choose images and ask myself if I would be happy if I received that image as a client. Let me know during your session if there is a pose you absolutely have to have and I will make sure it is incorporated in your six digital images.

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If these answers have piqued your interest in a boudoir photography session, fill out our form to schedule a session today. Alternatively, we have a vintage-style Spring Boudoir Marathon scheduled for May 4th-5th. Join us for a day of pampering and celebrating your beauty – inside and out! Our goal is to make you feel sexy and empowered and have fun while doing it! The venue will be a gorgeous, historical home decorated with vintage furniture and lots of soft colors and fabrics. Hairstyling and makeup application will be provided, and you are allowed two outfits during your session. Reserve your spot now!