The Ahnvee Senior Photography Experience

From day one of my photography business journey, I decided that I would specialize in Senior Photography and provide an exceptional and enjoyable experience for graduates. Just as the senior year of high school or college is a unique, fun, and memorable experience, I believe that the senior photography session should be too! The Why […]


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Benefits of a Post-Wedding Portrait Session

Post-wedding portrait sessions are becoming increasingly more popular – and for very good reason! These portrait sessions are similar to engagement sessions, but you have your wedding day attire on (or something similar). These can be booked anywhere from the day after the wedding, to your 1 year wedding anniversary!

There are so many reasons why these sessions absolutely rock. We’re officially obsessed and here’s why:
You can get tons of wall-worthy wedding portraits and still be able to spend your wedding day with family & friends
Your wedding day’s timeline of events did not allow for portraits
Your photographer has more time to be creative and artistic
You have more options to shoot in better lighting (hello golden hour and sunset)
You have the option of shooting in unique locations instead of being tied down to your wedding venue
You don’t have to worry about mother nature ruining the photos (no rain, sweating, or freezing)
More relaxed setting = better photos full of emotion


Boudoir Outfit Guide

One of the first questions we get when women book their Boudoir session is, “What should I wear?” Our Boudoir Outfit Guide can help with anything you need! When people think of Boudoir photography they automatically think, “lingerie”. While lingerie is a popular option, it is certainly not the only option. For my Boudoir shoot, […]