Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Quality photography is an investment that appreciates over time, and we appreciate you investing in us! We pride ourselves in making you feel comfortable, relaxed, and flawless every step of the way, and ensuring that all of your questions are answered is an integral part. 

How do I reserve my session date(s)?
Once we have determined that I am available on your requested date(s), or have determined mutually beneficial days & times, all that is needed to secure those days/ times is to sign your contract & pay the session deposit. Only once a signed contract is in place & deposit paid do your session date(s) become reserved. Session deposits are 50% of the total session fee. Wedding deposits are a flat $545.

How does your pricing work?
Wedding quotes are completely customized & prices depend completely on a variety of circumstances such as the location & details of your venue, the length of time for completion of services, etc. I work with each of my clients’ individual budgets to produce the best results overall, & I have built Anhvee Photography around the premise that both you & your event are incredibly unique! As such, each price quote is very meticulously & specifically detailed to reflect your vision. And I absolutely LOVE when that vision is one that we collaborate on in order to produce the very best portraits that fully represent you! Your experience is truly the priority to me & I hope you will find that my pricing reflects that also.
Portrait sessions have set packages that you can choose from to accommodate your needs.

Do you work with a second photographer?
Years of experience photographing weddings has taught me to always employ a second photographer. Having this assistance allows me to focus on the creative aspects & artistry that is paramount in delivering images that I am proud of, that meet & often exceed Ahnvee Photography’s high-standards, & that are truly worthy of you & your big day! My second shooter guarantees that not a single priceless moment escapes the memories that you have entrusted me with capturing! There are a variety of other benefits to a second
photographer, such as he/she doubling as an assistant to ensure that all variables & conditions are at optimal performance levels, as well as guaranteeing that not a single moment is missed while I am answering nature’s call.

Can we give you a list of specific shots to take?
Please do, we’ve never shot a wedding before! Again, kidding! But seriously, we pride ourselves on capturing the raw emotion of your big day. While we will certainly go over any nontraditional moments that you wish to be included during your wedding consultation, you can count on us to capture the very best of your wedding with the Ahnvee art & creativity displayed in our portfolio.

What happens if you are sick on our wedding day?
Unless I am on my death-bed, I will be there! But in the instance that I am totally incapacitated, I have a team of dedicated professionals who accurately represent my style & are willing to fill in for me during any unforeseen emergency.

What is your photography style?
Bold, artistic & inventive! I like to think of myself as having a natural approach that incorporates an equal balance of both lifestyle & editorial photojournalism. I enjoy lots of contrast & don’t typically subscribe to trends. I prefer clean & vibrant imagery, which will NEVER go out of style! I strive to be different & that applies to everything from my location preferences to my methods of shooting. I especially pride myself in being able to capture the true essence of my subject’s emotion, personality & style.

Why can’t we schedule our session earlier in the day?
Because I sleep til noon, DUH! Just kidding, but all jokes aside, The best & most flattering lighting occurs 1 to 2.5 hours before or after sunset. This is when the sun is most even with the face, producing consistent & direct lighting. The light is also softer & at a more natural color temperature. When the sunlight is too far above the subject, it highlights the forehead, nose & chin, causing these features to become focal points. It also creates shadows in the eye & mouth area, giving the unsightly appearance of raccoon eyes or darkened teeth. We will work our own brand of magic when the ideal time isn’t an option, but this increases the time of a session & requires an assistant, thereby increasing the session cost.

When will we receive our photos?
Sessions are edited in the order in which they are photographed. I deliver galleries as soon as possible, but an exact time depends on the time of year, how many sessions are in my editing que & the extent to which the images require retouching. I do guarantee that the gallery will be ready within 3 weeks of the session date, but if at all possible, I will get it to you sooner. I also offer rush-editing for an additional fee…believe me, I know how tough it is to wait for brilliance! I go through hundreds of images & choose only the very best.
In order to deliver the artistic style shown in my portfolio, the post-process workflow requires a bit more time than traditional, pre-set edits. The pride that I take in this workflow ensures that you receive the most beautiful images. I artistically hand-edit each individual photo, retouching problem areas (blemishes, wrinkles, red-spots, dark eye circles, teeth-whitening, flyaways, body-contouring), correcting shadows, highlights, contrast, exposure & white balance, removing distractions, implementing color correction & overall artistic enhancement. We respectfully request that you heed the words of industry professionals & please, “trust the process.”

Will you need to attend our rehearsal?
My time is billable, so that ball is absolutely in your court. However, my presence at the rehearsal is not necessary. The pre-wedding consultation will cover the day’s events & the venue layout. We will also create a specific timeline to guarantee that all of your priceless moments are included in your wedding session.

Do you need to see our venue before the wedding day?
It isn’t necessary for me to visit the venue prior to the wedding. Some venues are included in our previous sessions & others we research to gain an understanding of all necessary visual aesthetics. We are well-prepared for all circumstances that could arise! However, if it lends more to your comfort that we visit the venue prior to your big day, we are here to help in any way we can in order to make your day as stress-free as possible!

How far will you travel?
For portrait sessions, I am willing to travel within 40 miles of Lafayette, LA without incurring any additional fees. Since I often travel to the Alexandria, LA area for family obligations, I do not charge a travel fee if already in the area. Travel fees would apply for this location if I’m not already planning to be in the area. For distances further than 40 miles from Lafayette, LA, my travel fee is 59 cents per mile over 40 miles, which is the industry standard.
Wedding sessions throughout the state of Louisiana are not subject to travel fees. I am willing to travel out of state for wedding sessions, for which fees are dependent upon the specific location.

If we are running behind, will you stay later in order to get all of the moments that we wish to have captured?
We have experienced a number of weddings & understand the chaos that can ensue.  Especially when alcohol is involved!  We will make all arrangements to include everything that you’ve mentioned during your consultation, with the aide of a detailed timeline.  However, we do offer a discounted rate of $250/hour above & beyond your existing package, should you require our services for longer than anticipated.

Is it ok if my family/ friends take photos also?
During engagement or bridal sessions, this isn’t allowed due to copyright details.
I have never shot a wedding where friends & family didn’t take photos. However, guests can sometimes impede the process without meaning to. In order to guarantee that you have the best images & that all priceless moments are captured adequately, I humbly request that guests refrain from taking photos when I am actively shooting.

How long does it take for us to receive our wedding photographs?
The post-process editing information given for the engagement session timeframe applies here also. However, we are talking about a LOT more images! To ensure that we capture every priceless moment, we never stop shooting. So rather than hundreds of photos to go through & edit, there are thousands. The best of the best photos will be artistically hand-edited, & this also applies to any images that you have printed with Ahnvee (upon request of course). The remaining photos will be color corrected & basic adjustments will be applied to achieve a professional standard. With all of this being said, I guarantee to have your photos to you within 3 months.

How many photographs will we receive?
I’m unable to guarantee an exact number of photos due to the variety of factors that take place. These factors include hours of coverage, whether or not a second photographer is involved, access, quality, lighting conditions, church & event regulations, etc. You can expect no less than 300 final images.

Do you deliver every image that you shoot?
Generally, alcohol & dance floors don’t mesh well with cameras! Weird faces, closed eyes & wardrobe malfunctions are more common than you might think, so its typically a safe assumption that you won’t want the unflattering images.

What rights do we have to the images?
While Ahnvee Photography is the legal & rightful copyright owner of the digital images, I do grant you permission to reproduce your images & make an unlimited number of prints, for personal use only. Friends & family may purchase prints or digital copies from Ahnvee Photography only. This permission applies worldwide, & the original copyright remains with Ahnvee Photography. Photos may be printed but not altered or edited in any way other than by Ahnvee Photography. Alterations are a copyright violation! Photos are also not to be used for commercial or editorial purposes, or entered into competition without the expressed written consent of Ahnvee Photography. Lastly, we request & appreciate proper recognition when posting your photos on social media &/or using them online.

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