Benefits of a Post-Wedding Portrait Session

Post-wedding portrait sessions are becoming increasingly more popular - and for very good reason! These portrait sessions are similar to engagement sessions, but you have your wedding day attire on (or something similar). These can be booked anywhere from the day after the wedding, to your 1 year wedding anniversary! There are so many reasons why these sessions absolutely rock. We're officially obsessed and here's why: You can get tons of wall-worthy wedding portraits and still be able to spend your wedding day with family & friends Your wedding day's timeline of events did not allow for portraits Your photographer has more time to be creative and artistic You have more options to shoot in better lighting (hello golden hour and sunset) You have the option of shooting in unique locations instead of being tied down to your wedding venue You don't have to worry about mother nature ruining the photos (no rain, sweating, or freezing) More relaxed setting = better photos full of emotion

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Benefits of Having a 2nd Shooter/ Assistant

For many clients on a tight budget or those looking to allocate expenses elsewhere, the “cost” assumption is further expanded upon with the idea that a 2nd shooter or assistant is unnecessary.  While employing additional personnel may appear to add to the bottom line of your session, the presence of said personnel enables us to deliver so much more while retaining competitive pricing. If you’ve ever witnessed or participated in a photography session, or even taken a glimpse inside a photography studio, you may have noticed a lot more equipment than merely a photographer and his/her camera.  The equipment needed to adequately capture your priceless moments while adhering to Ahnvee’s strict quality standards will vary depending on your venue to the time of day, your clothing and/ or prop choices and everything in between.  Given the fact that photographers are expected to capture every detail, especially concerning wedding sessions (whose venues are VERY often dimly-lit), it is downright impossible to setup and relocate lighting, or utilize reflectors and diffusers (no, not the air fresheners 😁) without potentially missing a priceless moment.  And believe it or not, every moment of your event is incredibly important to us, priceless and otherwise!  Employing […]

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