Boudoir Outfit Guide

One of the first questions we get when women book their Boudoir session is, “What should I wear?” When people think of Boudoir photography they automatically think, “lingerie”. While lingerie is a popular option, it is certainly not the only option. For my Boudoir shoot, I wore a pretty bra and panties with a lacy robe as well as a pair of cheeky panties with an off the shoulder cropped sweater and knee highs. You do not have to wear all the fancy, expensive, or strappy things! With any photography session, you want to stay away from whites, brights, and lights. Whites make most subjects look washed out, and always seem to pick up and absorb other colors around it. It’s very difficult to get a “true white” in a photograph. Brights are picked up more neon in camera, and it also transfers onto skin in a photograph, so staying away is your best option. While light colors are good for enhancing and accentuating areas, they will often times make subjects appear bigger than they are. Dark colors help to conceal areas, and neutrals are always a good option, especially with boudoir photography.  The most important part, however, is how […]

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